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Actilax Mixture 500mL

Actilax Mixture 500mL

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Actilax Mixture relieves constipation by producing a physiological change in the colon, it may take from 24 to 48 hours before normal defaecation occurs.

The lactulose solution may be administered diluted or undiluted. Actilax solution may be mixed with fruit juice, water, or milk. When experiencing constipation patients should be advised to drink plenty of water and increase the Fibre content in their diet. It is also recommended to exercise regularly.

Adults: Usual initial dose is 15-30ml daily. After 2days dose may be reduced to 10-25ml daily for maintenance. Children: Usual Daily Dose Is -
Age Intially (3dys) Maintenance
7-14 years 15ml 10ml
1-6 years 10ml 5-10ml
Infants under 1 year 5ml 3-5ml
Actilax should not be administered to infants under 6 months of age, unless advised by your doctor. May be taken mixed with fruit juice, water or milk. In general, patients taking Actilax for constipation should drink plenty of fluids and ensure that there is adequate Fibre in their diet.

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