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Movicol Adult Flavour Free 30 Sachets

Movicol Adult Flavour Free 30 Sachets

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Contains Macrogol 3350
PLUS electrolytes (salts) (Sodium chloride, Potassium chlorideand sodium bicarbonate)
It is an iso osmotic solution which prevents the net loss or gain of water and electrolytes in the body.
• Water and electrolytes are absorbed by the stool to soften and lubricate the stools
Gentle action
• Lactose Free, Gluten Free and Sucrose Free
Can be used by people who are lactose or gluten intolerant and diabetics
• Great Flavours BENEFIT Easy to take
• Bulk preparations can be stored in the Fridge for 24 hours BENEFIT Little or no wastage
• Comes in easy to use sachets BENEFIT Ideal for at home and travel
• Available on PBS BENEFIT Affordably priced.


* Open the sachet and pour the contents into a glass.
* Add 125 mL of water into the glass.
* Stir well until all the powder has dissolved and the MOVICOL Flavour Free solution is clear or slightly hazy, then drink it.
If you like, you can add a Flavour such as orange cordial to the drink
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