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Oral7 Rehydrating Mouth Spray 50mL

Oral7 Rehydrating Mouth Spray 50mL

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The Oral Seven (Oral7) range of oral care products contain natural enzymes to assist the functions of healthy saliva, keeping your mouth moist and balanced, and helping to soothe & protect your mouth tissue against minor infections.


  • Extra beneficial for Dry Mouth sufferers
  • With active enzymes to boost the benefits of healthy saliva
  • No alcohol or menthol = No burning or stinging
  • Buffers acids, therefore maintaining a neutral balance of pH7
  • Helps keep breath fresh
  • Helps promote healthy gums
  • Aids cleaning away bacteria associated with bad breath, sore gums, cavities & plaque

50mL Mouth Spray – Mild Mint Flavour

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