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Vermox Worming Treatment Choc Chews 6 Tablets

Vermox Worming Treatment Choc Chews 6 Tablets

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Vermox Choc Chew Tablets is an effective treatment for adults and children over 2 years with intestinal worm infections caused by threadworm. Only one dose - once. Vermox can also be used for whipworm, roundworm, or hookworm.

Vermox offers a range of worming solutions to suit your family’s needs.

Only one dose - once. Vermox contains an ingredient called mebendazole which kills threadworms in a single dose by preventing the worm from absorbing glucose, which they need to survive. No body weight measurements or dosage calculations needed.

Before treating for threadworm, evidence of infestation should be present. If a household member has threadworms, then each family member should be treated.

Signs and symptoms of threadworm infestation include:
- The presence of tiny white threads around the anal region.
- Itching around the anus and vagina.
- Restless sleep, grinding of teeth and irritability.

Product Claims: Gluten, lactose and preservative free.


Threadworm - Adults & Children (2 years & over): 1 tablet, once, as a single dose.
- No bodyweight measurements or dosage calculations are required.
- Tablets may be taken with or without food.
- Tablets can be chewed or crushed.
- Tablets should be crushed before giving to children.
- Vermox Suspension is available for use in young children.
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